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Mid South Contractors does most of their work in completions. Each year we perform many anchor safety installations. The majority of our work comes from workover applications. We provide helix anchors, extension shafts, pull test and certify these for a 24 month period. This is recommended practice set forth by OSHA. We also re-test, re-certify, remove, and replace damaged anchors. Once a call is received a truck is dispatched to the location, via your given directions. This is usually within a few hours time.

We also anchor flowlines for hydraulic fracturing operations. Our restraint system lets us provide safety from highpressure line failures. We attempt to prevent the problem from ever occuring by hobbling the lines tightly to an subsurface anchor. When the pressure increases in a frac, the lines will vibrate and buck around more so on long distances. This is a very dangerous process. Pressure can build from 2,000 to 14,000 psi as fluids expand and more is forced downhole. Our system helps eliminate failure in joints by keep them steady and immobilized. This should be a manditory process for all stimulation and recovery methods.